Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hey guys. Since I already have a blog with Vanna, do you guys think I should still keep this blog? I feel like no one likes it. Yes we have followers but no one comments or e-mails me. So let me know what you want.. soon.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Followers and Traveling!

Hey everyone!! This is Shawn I personally wanted to thank everyone for following this blog! THANKS SOOOO MUCH!!!! Mom sadi I could travel with her to High Point for Thanksgiving should I????/ I can post while I'm there!



Monday, November 15, 2010


Hey guys! Thanks for ALL my followers! And also thanks for the votes on the sidebar. So far the customized outfit from me is winning! An autographed picture from me and shoes from me are tied right now! Tell all your friends about my poll. I will be giving away the prize you chose on my poll. Also me and Vannah started our own blog!!! YAY check it out at:



Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nothing much...

Nothing much is going on, except that on the 20th I'm leaving to go to my grandparent's house for Thanksgiving. I'll get to shop and watch TV, and read celebrity magazines while I'm there. I'll take pictures for you all :) Do you like the new look of the blog? Also I entered in iHeart American Girl's contest! If you want to enter you only have until the 20th! Go to: -- Well I'm going to try and post some pictures on here. Let's see if it will work... Nope sorry guys :(

With love,



Monday, November 1, 2010

College in the world

OMG. I cannot believe my luck!! This past week I moved into my college dorm!! And awesomely guess who's my roomie?? My best friend Vannah White :) We have our own closet, bed, and room to share. I FINALLY got my new phone! An iPhone.. oh yeah ;) With all this happiness I'm still missing Aunt Tyra. If you don't know my "story" well here it is. My parents died when I was 3. I don't really remember them. And Aunt Tyra hasn't told me how they died yet. It's better not knowing I guess. Well anyway when they died Aunt Tyra took me in. She's always been with me until a while ago she started her own modeling show. American's Next Top Model. She's busy with that so she left me here while she works. We get to see each other when she can get off AND on holidays. Yes I'm a 13 year old girl by myself but I can manage. I'm responsible. The reason I'm in college and I'm 13 is I skipped the other grades. But I still go to Lakeridge Middle and High School. That's where Aunt Tyra chose for me to go. At college I don't do the work there. I just live there. I do high school level work. So yeah.. I hope you're not confused haha :) But living with Vannah is TONS OF FUN!! Yesterday we were surrounded by papparazzi, did a Teen Vogue, and InStyle photo shott, we planned for Bon Ton University(I'll talk about that in my next post), and we came up with ideas for our weekly fashion magazine we'll be making soon. Well even celebrities need sleep :) Goodnight alllllllll<3


Thursday, September 2, 2010

New and Improved

Hey guys! Like the new blog? Everybody decided that since I get to go to the most fascinating places, and I am on magazines and such things that this blog should become mine. Yeep! I'm so excited are you guys? This is going to be the place where you get the inside scoop on my celebrity life and the new styles and everything celebrity! You never know what will happen in my life :) Please tell all your friends about this new blog and please visit this site frequently!

Thanks bunches!

Yours Truly,

*Shawn Bobbi Banks*

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We are so sorry that none of us have been posting in like two months!!! But we have an explanation: We've been thinking that just Shawn will do this blog. What do you guys think?? We all agree that she should but we want to know what you think!!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


If you guys have checked the Miss Simply AG blog you'll see that Shawn got 2nd place!!! She's excited and determined to enter again next year.. well her or someone else in our family will. She gets a human-sized and a doll-sized handbag. Ruthie came home yesterday from visiting with Alona. She stayed longer than we thought!! Camp starts in two weeks :D


P.S. A message from Shawn:

"Thanks everybody who voted for me in the Miss Simply AG Contest! I really appreciate your support and I hope I'll see you next year in the contest!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Round 5!!!!!

Yay!!!!!! Round 5 of the "Miss Simply AG" contest started yesterday!!!!!!! Please vote for me! I would be so grateful :D Do you like the header on our blog?? We loved doing it!!! I loved us all matching... sorry this is so short but I have to go


P.S. Thanks for voting for me if you already have!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's fun to stay at the......

YMCA!!!!!! Hey this is Shawn!! And today Savannah(my BFF) White opened up a doll YMCA. She has a lot of $ so she was able to open at least a pool up!! It's AWESOME!! It has picnic tables and a food stand too!!( It's outside if you haven't noticed) And Vanna asked ME to be the lifeguard!! I don't want to have to do CPR or get my nails dirty.. but I am managing the slide area.. did I mention there was a slide? There is! Oh and last night Kirsten had her "Sweet 16 Birthday Bash"!! For a gift I got us front row seats(okay not really front row because we just sat on the couch). But we also went out and got ice cream.
I don't know if I've ever told you but I have 6 sisters! Yes it takes FOREVER to get in the bathroom.
There's Tiffany-age 18, Katie-age 16, Georgie-age 15, Josefina-age 15(also), Hally-age 14, Alexia-age 13, Analita-age 12, and me(the youngest) Shawn-age 11. There are ups and downs of being the youngest.
Up's: 1. I get spoiled.
2. I get the most allowance.
3. I get mostly anything.

Downs: 1. I get bossed around.
2. They treat me like a baby!
3. I'm always teased.
4. I get hand-me-downs.
But the good thing about hand-me-downs is I can make them my own style by adding scarves or glitter... but because I'm famous I get extra $ to buy my own clothes!! So then my SISTERS want my clothes.
What I like most about-Tiffany is: She's an awesome hair stylist/makeup artist!!!
Katie: She owns 4 horses that I can ride and care for.
Georgie: She's a rock star/singer so she has pretty cool clothes.
Josefina: She's sweet just like her desserts she bakes.
Hally: She's independent and she doesn't have a specific talent she has many!
Alexia: She taught me how to ice skate and she teaches me how to brave during hard times.
Analita: She loves anything musical.. be it: guitar, violin, flute, or even singing. She's our DJ!

There's a picture of Ana, Josefina, and Me at the Oscar's in HersheyWood on the sidebar.
And there's also another one of all the dolls in their Oscar dresses. Well at least most of the dolls.

EEEEeeeekkkkkkKKKK!!!! Tomorrow is the last day of Round 3! Then on the 13th it's Round 4! Round Four was the funnest to do! Mom made lots of cakes and decorations to make it look nice. She even did my hair nice. It was awesome.. it was like a photo shoot with my friends!!! We got to eat snacks and try on dresses to wear and then we got to get our shoes picked.(All in all it was awesome!!!) Shoes are EVERYTHING to a girl!! I love shopping!!! Two days ago we all went back-to-school shopping. Yes we do it really early because it saves $!! Plus at some shops you can do lay-away! Well back to shopping.. everyone picked out the clothes they wanted and Mom got them. I picked a pair of skinny jeans, a white cami, and a bright pink jacket. I'm going to wear all of those clothes with my silver heels the first day back to school. Mom always takes me shopping for clothes-it's awesome!! Wow this is a long post! Well I should go because the pool opens soon and I don't want to be late for my shift.. I'll post soon

Oh.. and I'm sorry there haven't been a lot of pictures on here.. something on this computer won't let any of us post pictures.

Well I have a question...... hey I know! Instead of asking you I'll make a poll on the sidebar.



Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yay! Here's our mom's award from American Girl Doll Central(look up)

Today is the first day of Round 3 for the Miss Simply AG Contest!!!!!! Please vote for Shawn!!!

Shawn :D

Isn't it awesome???

Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Dreaming today.......

I am SO FREAKING OUT!!!!!!! Today is the first day of the "Miss Simply AG" contest!!!!!!!!! My future rests in your hand! I have been dreaming... about if I win... my family cheering... roses being thrown at my feet...I could be Miss Simply AG 2010!!!!!!!! OK so I am so nervous that I'm dreaming that!!!! I have got to stay calm... this is only the first round. My mom always said I was destined to be a model and I believe it! I love fashion, I know how to use makeup....and...well I'm not really tall :D I just love to dress up and shine in the spotlight. I guess that's why I've been such a drama queen lately. (That's what Ana says! :~) ) It's just that I'm SO SO SO NERVOUS! I've tried yoga..a cold bath(yes I like cold not warm :D ).... drinking tea but none of it seems to work!! This is my first year modeling for a real magazine! If I win this could be the start to my modeling career! If I win then I could get in the Simply AG magazine that is read by lots of people! But this is only the FIRST day of the FIRST round. I have plenty more time to relax! I can start thinking about the beach! This year I'm going unless Mom gets another doll. Here are some pictures of (maybe) our future sisters(who might go unless Mom gets her before August):

Mom doesn't know ig we get her what we'll name her...

If Mom got her she's probably name her Ellianna.

Mom wants to name her Piper or Riley.
This doll is the one Mom always wanted to look like: Tan skin, green eyes, and curly brown hair. Mom LOVES curly hair!!!!!! She's always wanted it for her hair naturally!

All the dolls are beautiful but which one should she get?? I like #1 and #3 but any other sister would be fine!

Have any of you followers or other dolls entered the Miss Simply AG contest?? How can I calm down??

Shawn( Because green is for luck!)

Vote for Me!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vote for Shawn!!!!!!

Please vote for Shawn in the Miss Simply AG contest!!!!! This is her first year entering the contest and she has high hopes! We're starting a campaign here in HersheyWood. She's traveling from home to home telling what she's doing and hoping to get votes. The way I'm describing this it sounds like an election :D Only two more days till voting starts! She's really nervous!!!!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR SHAWN!!!!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Alona is here!!!She came last week and we welcomed her into HersheyWood. She's staying at Cool Breezes Hotel right now and she is really enjoying it she told me. She's staying an extra week because Aunt Emily shipped Ruthie as a traveling doll to visit MI, where Alona is from! So we get to have more fun with her :D We're going to take her out to eat, to go to movies, and fashion shows! I know we will all be sad when she leaves!!!! Does any dolls want to be traveling dolls and visit with us??????????????????????? We would love to have visitors... but we'd have to sort it out with Mom. E-mail me at if you want more information!

AGDC is having their "Miss Simply AG" contest this year again.. and this year we're entering!!!! We have already done all the groups except for the Gala. We're doing that tomorrow! When she posts the contestants PLEASE vote for us!!! You don't have to if you like the other people's pictures but we'd really appreciate it!! We'd also appreciate it if you guys could please vote for us on AG Doll Gossip's Top 100 Doll Sites. Honestly I don't want to pressure you!!!! I'm sorry about being so mean and trying to make you.... I'll be posting soon...


P.S. I'm the one entering the contest!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We're still 15th place on the AGDC top doll sites :((((((((( My roommates(AG Crazy dolls) are in 4th place!!!! Please vote for us. I know it's been forever since any of us posted but we've been grounded!!! Not any more. We're all really busy with school and getting ready for the summer. I think we're traveling to our grandparents house.... this is a short post :D


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


WHAT??? We now have 19 followers!!!!! Thanks SO MUCH for visiting our blog and liking it!!!!!! :D Well I have a favor to ask.... Could you guys PLEASE go to to their Top Doll Sites and please vote for us!!!!!! It would mean so much to us!!!!!!!!!! On their podcast which you can listen to on iTunes- we're mentioned!!! Just listen and then it should say from Alexia, Josefina, Shawn, and Ana. Then they mentioned our blog!!!! Thanks so much for liking our blog!!! Last night we got a new movie! I don't remember the name but it's good!!! And..... we won American Girl Doll Central's contest!! Finally we've won a contest :D DO any of you know how to do banners on blogs?? We need help on that... :) Auntie Erynn has been very busy with practicing for the play!! Tonight she has to stay and practice until midnight!! Maybe whil she is gone we can invite Natalie, Nellie and the whole gang!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Post

So ON ONE has entered our blog. I guess we shouldn't do giveaways :( Well this has to be a quick post because I have homework. Lately we have been going to the doll gym to work out and swim. I love swimming and soon the slides at the pool will open!!!!! One of us will post soon. The poll on our sidebar has ended and the most votes went to all of us posting. So we all will. By the way Ana went to the UNC game last week. She saw cheerleaders, she climbed the bell tower, and watched the game. she got pictures but for some reason they won't download :{ She also went to Sonali's birthday party. They had cake, did fashion shows, and watched movies. Ana got Sonali a tea set for her birthday!


Friday, April 2, 2010

A Visit from....

Hey guess what?? And no-this is not an April Fool's trick!(late) Jordan, one of my roommates followers on her blog might send one of her dolls for a week to stay at the Doll Condo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If she does then I'll take some pictures of her doing things with us and then I'll put them on here. Well what else is going on.... Oh! Jess and her sister Chrissa(not my roommate) came for a DOUBLE-sleepover!!!!! It was a lot of fun because we ate brownies, watched movies, and played outside. It was really hot outside so we went in the sprinkler and then got tans. Well no one has entered our giveaway-but PLEASE PLEASE spread the word and enter it!! Do you guys even want us to have giveaways??? Well I got to go pack because we're leaving for our grandparents house today to celebrate Easter with them. So I can't promise I'll be able to post while I'm there.... happy Easter!!!!


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Does Summer Mean to You??

This is a giveaway similar to Rose on "Roses are Read".

Rules: 1. Have a parent's permission!!!!
2. Send in a picture to if you know how to or post it on your blog-it should also include a couple sentences explaining what summer means to you-it could mean traveling, family time, a birthday, etc. It should also include an American Girl doll or two.

Judging: We will judge on the photo and the sentences -and the 2 people that win will both get a prize. For the photo we will judge on creativity(such as the setting...outfits...etc.)

Prize: We are not extremely rich so the 2 prizes will be : A Julie 3 pack puzzle kit, and Josefina paper doll kit.

Deadline: April 15, 2010. That gives you TWO WEEKS to get everything ready such as the outfits you'll use, the setting, the dolls....

If we have any problems I'll let you guys know! If you have any questions or problems then comment below or e-mail us!!

Shawn, Ana, Josefina, and Alexia.

Friday, March 19, 2010

We have a new....

Guess what? Last night we opened a new movie theater!! It was awesome with the concessions, tickets, and the set-up was great :) They are going to be playing all types of movies and they will dress up too!! Say if it were a western movie they would dress Western, and so on for every movie ! I'll try and ask mom if she can let me go to the movies again tonight to take pictures with my camera. Yesterday we went to the park for a walk and we got some great pictures that we might enter into the "Roses are Read" Spring contest. We might but we are very busy!! Mom is going to a conference tonight for girls, and we're staying home. Did everyone wear green for St. Patrick;s Day?? We did! Because we went outside and we had a St. Patrick's Day parade! Aunt Emily even took pictures of us in the audience and in the floats-we'll try and update them as soon as we can. Well I will at least not we. I am the one that is good with computers, and I was thinking I might get a mew computer-maybe the one in Lanie's accessories. Check the sidebar for a new poll!! I just looked and we now have 16 followers!!!!!!! SIXTEEN!! The same number as all the dolls living in our house!!! Thanks so much to all our followers for following our blog!(That's a lot of F's!!) We're so glad people enjoy reading about us, our lives, and the things we do!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! We'll continue to update as often as we can-


P.S. Who else is on the Our Dolls Message Board??

Friday, March 12, 2010


Well I don't know if we've ever told you about our roommates but they are all our best friends. There are two families-
*The Parkingtons(Nellie, Natalie, Alexis, Molly, Felicity, and Savannah) &
* The Larsons(Kiersten, Ruthie, Rebecca, Chrissa, and Isabella)
Yes-Isabella is the one who sells the electronic stuff at her store. Actually we have bought a lot of stuff from her because it's top quality! Check the sidebar for more info. Well yeah just imagine all the Parkington's, Larson's, and Montoya's... that's..... SIXTEEN dolls in ONE home!! Yeah it's crowded, and there's not enough of everything, and not to mention I have to wait FOREVER to get in the shower!!!! But it's fun! Because not every doll gets to live with their best friends! I get to-and It's really fun going to events and everything with them- if you want to go to Isabella's site go to Well that's about it because I'm going to go get ready for Family Night tonight-Savannah is doing a dance routine!!! And since moi is so good at fashion she wants moi to design her outfit!!!! Speaking of outfits has anyone entered in our modeling camp??? Please spread the word!!!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring has Started!!

Yes we can all tell that here in Hershey- Wood that Spring has begun! The warm air is so nice and Melody said that she's going to have a pool party for her birthday! That will give me a chance to try out my new swimsuit-hurray! Speaking of clothes Mom has decided that she's going to start a Doll Modeling Camp. Of course we will be models but if you guys want to be in our Modeling Camp then you can e-mail us at: We know that you won't want to ship yourselves here to model clothes (hehe) so you can just send us your best modeling pictures and we'll post them on here. Some other things:
* We need ideas for the Modeling Camp name-we want it to have to do with personality, clothes, or just any ideas that you can give!!
* We need you guys to vote on the poll that says" Who do you want to post...." We really need to know what you guys want
* Another thing is if you want all the info about the Modeling Camp then e-mail us we'd love to hear from you :->
* Here's a sample of the info. you need to send in to enlist for camp:
Name: Shawn Machel Montoya
Birthdate: 8-25-98
Hobbies: Gymnastics, fashion, TV, shopping...
Do you have experience?: Yes-I shop :)

And maybe some other questions.. but what we're looking for is fashionitas, girls with style and attitude, and girls that are willing to show off styles!!!! Please spread the word about this camp and tell all your friends to please e-mail us!!!



Friday, March 5, 2010

Lost-and-found pictures!!

Here are some of the pictures that I just found of us:

PreviewThis is Alexis, Isabella, and me

PreviewI don't know if we have already showed you this but it was a lot of fun getting dressed up in these clothes.
PreviewKiersten set up a photo shoot last year and this is what Josefina dressed up as(an Indian)

By the way tonight we are having Family Night with our friends! (because we are not related to Nellie, Alexis, Savannah, Natalie(well we are partly), and Molly, or Ruthie, Rebecca, Kiersten, Isabella, or Chrissa then it would be boring doing it tp each other-just the four of us) We're going to watch Full House, eat ice cream, and do a quiz about how well we know each other. It should be a lot of fun :)

P.S. Mom signed Alexia up for Pottery Class so once she goes and makes something we'll show you or tell you what she made. AND ALSO PLEASE VOTE ON THE POLL ON THE SIDEBAR of who you think should post on here or all of us could switch off? You guys vote!!!


We need Help!

We want to know what our 12(!!!) followers and people who visit our blog want us to write about. Do you want giveaways, stories, pictures, links, polls, etc. We want to know-so please comment below or e-mail us at oldbluejeans98@gmailcom. Thanks!

Shawn, Alexia, Josefina, and Ana

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Emergency-MUST READ!!!

Hey sorry we haven't written in a while we've been really busy!!! Well nothing much is going on... we got to go to the Circus with Melody and Sonali and it was an AMAZING how and we got popcorn-YUM! We've been thinking when should we do giveaways?? What do you guys want your prizes to be? Photo Contests or not? Well speaking of Photo Contests go to: to enter in her Spring Photo Contest. Well sorry this is such a short post we'll try and update as much as we can.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Are you right handed or left handed? Right handed
Have you ever had anything removed from your body? Teeth
What is the last heavy object you have lifted? My school books to AG Academy
What is your salad dressing of choice? Italian
What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? The Tea Top(a caf'e here in HersheyWood)
What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of? Chocolate
What is your pizza topping of choice? Cheese!
What do you like to put on your toast? Butter
If it were possible, would you want t know the day you were going to die? No!!
If you could change your name to any name what would it be? Melody or Victoria.
Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000? No!!
How many pairs of flip flops do you have? 1
Last time you had a run in with the cops? NEVER!!
Last person you talked to in person? My sister Josefina
Favorite month? August
Mood? I wish it was my birthday!!
What are you listening too? Ana telling me to help her.
Worrying about? If I'm going to get any sleep at all tonight because of a play we're doing.
What's the last movie you watched? A math video for school :(
Do you smile often? YEAH ALL THE TIME!!!!!!
Do you always answer your phone? Yes because Mom just got me a new phone :)
If you could change your eye color what would it be? Green
What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic? I never get a drink-I get fries or ice cream.
Do you own a digital camera? Yes!
Have you ever owned a pet fish? No
Favorite Christmas song? There's so many!!!!!!!
Whats on your wish list for your birthday?
A new doll
AG clothing
AG furniture

Can you do push ups? Unfortunately :( I am a gymnast.
Can you do a chin up? Again, unfortunately :(
Do you have any saved texts? No...
Ever been in a car wreck? No way I'm not old enough to drive, and Mom is a careful driver.
Do you have an accent? Yes-I have a Southern accent.
What is the last song that made you cry? Never happened.
Plans tonight? Practicing for a play.
Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom? Not really.
Name 2 things you bought yesterday: Nothing-I haven't been shopping in forever!! I NEED new Ugg boots and skinny jeans soon!!!!!!!
Ever been given roses? Yes after a dance recital.
Current hate right now? Nothing.
Met someone who changed your life? Yes my best friensd Melody and Sonali.
What were you doing at 12 AM last night? zZzZzZ
What was the first thing you thought when you woke up? I need to eat!!
How many TVs are in your house? 3
What color cell phone do you have? Pink.
What does the first text in your inbox say and who sent it? WHAT??

P.S. I tag all my followers.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doll Clothes

Here are some of the outfits from Carpatina:

And if you become part of their Doll Club you can enter in contests to win stuff from their site.

Do you guys like these outfits? We do, we're even thinking of buying some! The main reason we're looking is we want med-evil outfits for when we go to the beach this year and we go to Med-Evil Times.


Pen Pals at last!

Here is another find that we found on American Girl. It's kind of plain but it's pretty.
Just a NEWS FLASH- we now have pen pals! All of us are pen pals with the dolls on AG gossip. It's fun to see what they are like, and what they're doing. Another NEWS FLASH is that you can now vote on the Our Dolls Contest. Aunt Emily entered and we voted for her! Please vote for her because she really worked hard on it, nad the little baby in the picture is Josefina's aunt's baby. She is so cute!! I love all the pictures but we're showing family loyalty :) There's also a rumor going around at our condo.... That the Ringling Bros. Circus is coming again! We have 6 tickets to it so we might go with Jess, Melody, and Sonali!!

P.S. Here's another doll site that has REALLY good clothes./

By the way we are on the Our Dolls message board. Is anyone else?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Doll Sites

Here is a list of some awesome doll sites that we found that sell awesome clothes!! if you go to this site then search doll clothes)

Hope you like these!!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Good News!

Melody and Sonali came home from Canada last night!! We haven't seen them yet but we will on Sunday and I've been e-mailing them like crazy!! I have missed them so much in the last 2 months!!! And they might not be able to stay in the U.S. because of their Visas. I can't wait because the Winter Olympics are starting and so me and Melody are going to get dressed up (in the clothes that she bought at the AG store in Minneapolis on the way back from Canada) and we're going to film like we're reporters and we're at the Olympic Games!! We'll even try and put a video on here if we can. I can't wait to see the entries on!! They are going to be shown in 2 days, and Aunt Emily entered so I might vote for her. I'll have to see the other pictures. Guess what else?? Grandma and Grandpa won a trip to Mexico, so we might be going to stay at Melody and Sonali's house for 4 whole days in the summer when we can go to the pool!!! I hope it works out -


New AG clothes you have GOT TO SEE!!

Since Valentine's is coming up we are sharing the new AG stuff we love!!! HERE are the NEW clothes from AG!! We all love them all!!!

This one is so beautiful I HAVE to get this one!!!



Josefina loves this one!!!
This one is totally cool!! I love the scrapbook!!!

What do you guys think about the new stuff??


Friday, February 5, 2010

My Party Day!!

Today is finally the day of my party!! I've got all my plans ready, my outfit ready, and all the food ready!! I'm also very excited about The Doll Wardrobe contest!! They announce the winner in 2 days!! In 2 days I might have a new sister!! I really want Lanie because she looks kinda like me do you guys think??

I know that our eyes are different and our skin tones, but Mom says that our hair looks alike. Mom really wants to win the Lanie and if we win I'll be so happy!!!! Now back to the party we are going to: Have a Ice Skating competition, snacks, crafts, a movie, and...... the beauty pageant!! Miss Valentine will be announced on Wednesday by Ana. We've decided that we're going to make the pictures we take at my party later today will be our entry for the "Our Dolls Photo Contest" If anyone wants to enter it you still have 5 more days to enter!! Hurry!!

I've got to go make sure everything is ready for the party again, because the HersheyWood news is coming to see who Miss Valentine will be. I'll see if I can get the video of the party, but does anyone know how to put videos on here? We are still a little new to all this technology.

Tomorrow we're going to our friend's house for her AG party, you can dress up as your favorite AG character so I'm going as Julie. I have a awesome 70's outfit that is a combination of flowers, tye-dye, and bright colors.


P.S. There are two contests you can still enter:
The Valentine Contest
and the Ice Skating Contest!
There are some rumors that there will be 2 new historical characters if you want to see the info go to

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Question of the week winner!

The Question for this week is: " What do you want the GOTY for 2011 to be like?? A dance-lover like Marisol? An ocean-lover like Kailey? What do you think, let us know!!! The winner of the Question of last week is: Hannah!!! Since she was the ONLY one to enter she wins an extra special prize..(drumroll please!)................... Hannah wins:
1. A home-made sewn dress of any pattern of the following:
Snowflake or
2. and an iPod for dolls.
Hannah, comment on what pattern you want, and what color for your iPod.


Snow Day!!

Yes finally we have snow here in North Carolina!!! We got all dressed up to go out and we went sledding, had hot cocoa and I'm sorry but alas Mom's camera was on low battery so we couldn't take pictures :( But I hope maybe the snow will still be there and we can go out again. We're getting ready to enter in Our Dolls Photo Contest, for you that don't know if you go to then you can enter in their Valentine Photo Contest. We're going to be busy getting all the outfits, props, and everything ready... and there's also my Valentine Party coming up, and at Chick-fil-a on the 9 th they are having a AG doll party, and our friend is having a AG birthday party.. so many things to do!!!! We also have some birthdays coming up for some of our friends... what a busy life!! It's a lot of fun though. I've got to go work on my ice skating skills on the ice :)


Friday, January 22, 2010

Question of the Week!

Here's the question of the week: What is the most greatest thing about Chrissa that you liked?/ Was it that she stood up to the bullies, that she helped Gwen, what?? We want to know and your votes will count! The person that I choose will receive a prize from Vanna White, and something else special. Comment your answers, and we'll let you know who won next Friday. Get ready for next week's fun question!!


Modeling Pictures

Hey guess what??? Shawn got a job! She works as a model for American Girl so she wanted me to put some pictures on here of her modeling. Well now to the pictures..
Isn't that so pinky??? It's her favorite color!She doesn't ever really play softball but she liked the hat.

That was Shawn with her best friend Melanie that flew in from Iowa.Shawn rarely hikes so I'm surprised she modeled that outfit.

This one was her favorite because she truly is one... that made me crack up!! But Mom's thinking about getting this outfit for us. What do you guys think?? Was she a good model?? I think she might change her career to a model now she loves it so much! They gave me, Josefina, and Ana a chance to model an outfit so here are some pictures of us:

Me(Alexia) with the hat on.
For this photo Melody came to model the other outfit with me except she cut her hair. Now here's Ana's photo:

Ana loved this photo because Josefina did her hair really pretty with lots of ribbons.

I don't know if you think they look alike or not there's just something that makes them look so I don't know kinda different for twins. Well now we have another contest for you since I was so inspired by these pictures. Here are the rules:
1. Have a parent's permission
2. Say your name or nickname
3. No photo-shopping, and
4. I want creativity!

The theme for this contest is: Ice Skating.
I want your best ice skating outfits, background, and I want people to enter this contest! Because
NO ONE has entered the Valentine giveaway!!!!!! Be creative with this contest!!

Your prize will be:................... You know what I'm going to wait till people enter to tell it- but here's a clue- (It is really good!) That's your clue so start entering!!!!


Skate on!!
Vanna modeled this for me because she loves to ice skate with me sometimes.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Idol and Vanna

Last night I watched American Idol, it was great because I got to go to the Ice Cream Parlor before we left in the limo, the ice cream was good and so was American Idol, there were some good singer and some bad. I wish I could sing like some of those people, well I thought we would tell you a little about our future careers:
Ana- She doesn't really know but here are some: Fashion Designer, Talk Show Host,
Josefina- Chef,
Alexia- Ice Skater, Photographer
Me(Shawn)- Gymnast, Actress, TV show host,

Vanna one of my bestest friends took me to American Idol, and before we went there or to the Ice Cream Parlor she took me to see her mom. It was great to meet Mrs. White and she said we could come to the show sometimes. Well I've noticed no-one entered the contest!!! ;( Please enter!


P.S. I think I might have some more ice cream tonight!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Here's Some Pictures!

PreviewThis is Josefina and Melody doing gymnastics.

PreviewThis is Nellie my friend, and Sonali my other friend.
PreviewHere's Josefina with her horse Tsunami.
Preview Here is one of my favorite pictures of Ana and Josefina with Jess and Alexis.
PreviewThis is our picture of all of the dolls ,before me, Vanna, Nat, Rebecca, or Chrissa came with some friends.
PreviewHere is all of our horses(from left to right) Candy, Lacey, Spirit,Tsunami, Eve, and Star the foal.

PreviewUs with Sonali, Melody, Sonali, and everyone else doing the cha-cha!!

PreviewHere's Kiersten before she got really sick with Molly.

PreviewThis is a really funny picture of all of us dancing! :)

PreviewKiersten and me went fishing a I got a picture of her :)
PreviewHere's a picture of one of my best friend's Georgie and Nellie.

PreviewThis is Alexia's favorite pictures. It's her and Nellie at a UNC game.

Preview Josefina and Nellie offered to help pick tomatoes, they went up really high!!

Putting all these pictures up on here made me think about the Lanie photo contest. Mom's entering in it, and we already have the pictures ready!

P.S. Has anyone entered the Valentine Giveaway?? Go down to my recent post to look at it.