Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day!!

Yes finally we have snow here in North Carolina!!! We got all dressed up to go out and we went sledding, had hot cocoa and I'm sorry but alas Mom's camera was on low battery so we couldn't take pictures :( But I hope maybe the snow will still be there and we can go out again. We're getting ready to enter in Our Dolls Photo Contest, for you that don't know if you go to then you can enter in their Valentine Photo Contest. We're going to be busy getting all the outfits, props, and everything ready... and there's also my Valentine Party coming up, and at Chick-fil-a on the 9 th they are having a AG doll party, and our friend is having a AG birthday party.. so many things to do!!!! We also have some birthdays coming up for some of our friends... what a busy life!! It's a lot of fun though. I've got to go work on my ice skating skills on the ice :)


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