Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pen Pals at last!

Here is another find that we found on American Girl. It's kind of plain but it's pretty.
Just a NEWS FLASH- we now have pen pals! All of us are pen pals with the dolls on AG gossip. It's fun to see what they are like, and what they're doing. Another NEWS FLASH is that you can now vote on the Our Dolls Contest. Aunt Emily entered and we voted for her! Please vote for her because she really worked hard on it, nad the little baby in the picture is Josefina's aunt's baby. She is so cute!! I love all the pictures but we're showing family loyalty :) There's also a rumor going around at our condo.... That the Ringling Bros. Circus is coming again! We have 6 tickets to it so we might go with Jess, Melody, and Sonali!!

P.S. Here's another doll site that has REALLY good clothes./

By the way we are on the Our Dolls message board. Is anyone else?

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