Monday, November 1, 2010

College in the world

OMG. I cannot believe my luck!! This past week I moved into my college dorm!! And awesomely guess who's my roomie?? My best friend Vannah White :) We have our own closet, bed, and room to share. I FINALLY got my new phone! An iPhone.. oh yeah ;) With all this happiness I'm still missing Aunt Tyra. If you don't know my "story" well here it is. My parents died when I was 3. I don't really remember them. And Aunt Tyra hasn't told me how they died yet. It's better not knowing I guess. Well anyway when they died Aunt Tyra took me in. She's always been with me until a while ago she started her own modeling show. American's Next Top Model. She's busy with that so she left me here while she works. We get to see each other when she can get off AND on holidays. Yes I'm a 13 year old girl by myself but I can manage. I'm responsible. The reason I'm in college and I'm 13 is I skipped the other grades. But I still go to Lakeridge Middle and High School. That's where Aunt Tyra chose for me to go. At college I don't do the work there. I just live there. I do high school level work. So yeah.. I hope you're not confused haha :) But living with Vannah is TONS OF FUN!! Yesterday we were surrounded by papparazzi, did a Teen Vogue, and InStyle photo shott, we planned for Bon Ton University(I'll talk about that in my next post), and we came up with ideas for our weekly fashion magazine we'll be making soon. Well even celebrities need sleep :) Goodnight alllllllll<3


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