Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Emergency-MUST READ!!!

Hey sorry we haven't written in a while we've been really busy!!! Well nothing much is going on... we got to go to the Circus with Melody and Sonali and it was an AMAZING how and we got popcorn-YUM! We've been thinking when should we do giveaways?? What do you guys want your prizes to be? Photo Contests or not? Well speaking of Photo Contests go to: to enter in her Spring Photo Contest. Well sorry this is such a short post we'll try and update as much as we can.



  1. Hi,

    I won your giveaway a few weeks ago, and you never contacted me about the prize???

    Please do.


  2. Sorry about that you get a dress and a iPod. Do you have an e-mail so that I could tell you the info? Well I just need your address.