Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Does Summer Mean to You??

This is a giveaway similar to Rose on "Roses are Read".

Rules: 1. Have a parent's permission!!!!
2. Send in a picture to if you know how to or post it on your blog-it should also include a couple sentences explaining what summer means to you-it could mean traveling, family time, a birthday, etc. It should also include an American Girl doll or two.

Judging: We will judge on the photo and the sentences -and the 2 people that win will both get a prize. For the photo we will judge on creativity(such as the setting...outfits...etc.)

Prize: We are not extremely rich so the 2 prizes will be : A Julie 3 pack puzzle kit, and Josefina paper doll kit.

Deadline: April 15, 2010. That gives you TWO WEEKS to get everything ready such as the outfits you'll use, the setting, the dolls....

If we have any problems I'll let you guys know! If you have any questions or problems then comment below or e-mail us!!

Shawn, Ana, Josefina, and Alexia.

Friday, March 19, 2010

We have a new....

Guess what? Last night we opened a new movie theater!! It was awesome with the concessions, tickets, and the set-up was great :) They are going to be playing all types of movies and they will dress up too!! Say if it were a western movie they would dress Western, and so on for every movie ! I'll try and ask mom if she can let me go to the movies again tonight to take pictures with my camera. Yesterday we went to the park for a walk and we got some great pictures that we might enter into the "Roses are Read" Spring contest. We might but we are very busy!! Mom is going to a conference tonight for girls, and we're staying home. Did everyone wear green for St. Patrick;s Day?? We did! Because we went outside and we had a St. Patrick's Day parade! Aunt Emily even took pictures of us in the audience and in the floats-we'll try and update them as soon as we can. Well I will at least not we. I am the one that is good with computers, and I was thinking I might get a mew computer-maybe the one in Lanie's accessories. Check the sidebar for a new poll!! I just looked and we now have 16 followers!!!!!!! SIXTEEN!! The same number as all the dolls living in our house!!! Thanks so much to all our followers for following our blog!(That's a lot of F's!!) We're so glad people enjoy reading about us, our lives, and the things we do!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! We'll continue to update as often as we can-


P.S. Who else is on the Our Dolls Message Board??

Friday, March 12, 2010


Well I don't know if we've ever told you about our roommates but they are all our best friends. There are two families-
*The Parkingtons(Nellie, Natalie, Alexis, Molly, Felicity, and Savannah) &
* The Larsons(Kiersten, Ruthie, Rebecca, Chrissa, and Isabella)
Yes-Isabella is the one who sells the electronic stuff at her store. Actually we have bought a lot of stuff from her because it's top quality! Check the sidebar for more info. Well yeah just imagine all the Parkington's, Larson's, and Montoya's... that's..... SIXTEEN dolls in ONE home!! Yeah it's crowded, and there's not enough of everything, and not to mention I have to wait FOREVER to get in the shower!!!! But it's fun! Because not every doll gets to live with their best friends! I get to-and It's really fun going to events and everything with them- if you want to go to Isabella's site go to Well that's about it because I'm going to go get ready for Family Night tonight-Savannah is doing a dance routine!!! And since moi is so good at fashion she wants moi to design her outfit!!!! Speaking of outfits has anyone entered in our modeling camp??? Please spread the word!!!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring has Started!!

Yes we can all tell that here in Hershey- Wood that Spring has begun! The warm air is so nice and Melody said that she's going to have a pool party for her birthday! That will give me a chance to try out my new swimsuit-hurray! Speaking of clothes Mom has decided that she's going to start a Doll Modeling Camp. Of course we will be models but if you guys want to be in our Modeling Camp then you can e-mail us at: We know that you won't want to ship yourselves here to model clothes (hehe) so you can just send us your best modeling pictures and we'll post them on here. Some other things:
* We need ideas for the Modeling Camp name-we want it to have to do with personality, clothes, or just any ideas that you can give!!
* We need you guys to vote on the poll that says" Who do you want to post...." We really need to know what you guys want
* Another thing is if you want all the info about the Modeling Camp then e-mail us we'd love to hear from you :->
* Here's a sample of the info. you need to send in to enlist for camp:
Name: Shawn Machel Montoya
Birthdate: 8-25-98
Hobbies: Gymnastics, fashion, TV, shopping...
Do you have experience?: Yes-I shop :)

And maybe some other questions.. but what we're looking for is fashionitas, girls with style and attitude, and girls that are willing to show off styles!!!! Please spread the word about this camp and tell all your friends to please e-mail us!!!



Friday, March 5, 2010

Lost-and-found pictures!!

Here are some of the pictures that I just found of us:

PreviewThis is Alexis, Isabella, and me

PreviewI don't know if we have already showed you this but it was a lot of fun getting dressed up in these clothes.
PreviewKiersten set up a photo shoot last year and this is what Josefina dressed up as(an Indian)

By the way tonight we are having Family Night with our friends! (because we are not related to Nellie, Alexis, Savannah, Natalie(well we are partly), and Molly, or Ruthie, Rebecca, Kiersten, Isabella, or Chrissa then it would be boring doing it tp each other-just the four of us) We're going to watch Full House, eat ice cream, and do a quiz about how well we know each other. It should be a lot of fun :)

P.S. Mom signed Alexia up for Pottery Class so once she goes and makes something we'll show you or tell you what she made. AND ALSO PLEASE VOTE ON THE POLL ON THE SIDEBAR of who you think should post on here or all of us could switch off? You guys vote!!!


We need Help!

We want to know what our 12(!!!) followers and people who visit our blog want us to write about. Do you want giveaways, stories, pictures, links, polls, etc. We want to know-so please comment below or e-mail us at oldbluejeans98@gmailcom. Thanks!

Shawn, Alexia, Josefina, and Ana

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Emergency-MUST READ!!!

Hey sorry we haven't written in a while we've been really busy!!! Well nothing much is going on... we got to go to the Circus with Melody and Sonali and it was an AMAZING how and we got popcorn-YUM! We've been thinking when should we do giveaways?? What do you guys want your prizes to be? Photo Contests or not? Well speaking of Photo Contests go to: to enter in her Spring Photo Contest. Well sorry this is such a short post we'll try and update as much as we can.