Saturday, January 30, 2010

Question of the week winner!

The Question for this week is: " What do you want the GOTY for 2011 to be like?? A dance-lover like Marisol? An ocean-lover like Kailey? What do you think, let us know!!! The winner of the Question of last week is: Hannah!!! Since she was the ONLY one to enter she wins an extra special prize..(drumroll please!)................... Hannah wins:
1. A home-made sewn dress of any pattern of the following:
Snowflake or
2. and an iPod for dolls.
Hannah, comment on what pattern you want, and what color for your iPod.



  1. oooh!!! Thanks so much!!! Is it like a real prize?

    Well, I think that snowflake would be really pretty :)

    And maybe a pink iPod?

    Don't go to too much trouble :)

    Do you need my address?

    You can email me at

    Thanks so much!!!!


  2. oh, and I'd like the GOTY for 2010 to be a gymnast, because Ivy could share her stuff!!