Friday, January 22, 2010

Modeling Pictures

Hey guess what??? Shawn got a job! She works as a model for American Girl so she wanted me to put some pictures on here of her modeling. Well now to the pictures..
Isn't that so pinky??? It's her favorite color!She doesn't ever really play softball but she liked the hat.

That was Shawn with her best friend Melanie that flew in from Iowa.Shawn rarely hikes so I'm surprised she modeled that outfit.

This one was her favorite because she truly is one... that made me crack up!! But Mom's thinking about getting this outfit for us. What do you guys think?? Was she a good model?? I think she might change her career to a model now she loves it so much! They gave me, Josefina, and Ana a chance to model an outfit so here are some pictures of us:

Me(Alexia) with the hat on.
For this photo Melody came to model the other outfit with me except she cut her hair. Now here's Ana's photo:

Ana loved this photo because Josefina did her hair really pretty with lots of ribbons.

I don't know if you think they look alike or not there's just something that makes them look so I don't know kinda different for twins. Well now we have another contest for you since I was so inspired by these pictures. Here are the rules:
1. Have a parent's permission
2. Say your name or nickname
3. No photo-shopping, and
4. I want creativity!

The theme for this contest is: Ice Skating.
I want your best ice skating outfits, background, and I want people to enter this contest! Because
NO ONE has entered the Valentine giveaway!!!!!! Be creative with this contest!!

Your prize will be:................... You know what I'm going to wait till people enter to tell it- but here's a clue- (It is really good!) That's your clue so start entering!!!!


Skate on!!
Vanna modeled this for me because she loves to ice skate with me sometimes.

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