Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Round 5!!!!!

Yay!!!!!! Round 5 of the "Miss Simply AG" contest started yesterday!!!!!!! Please vote for me! I would be so grateful :D Do you like the header on our blog?? We loved doing it!!! I loved us all matching... sorry this is so short but I have to go


P.S. Thanks for voting for me if you already have!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's fun to stay at the......

YMCA!!!!!! Hey this is Shawn!! And today Savannah(my BFF) White opened up a doll YMCA. She has a lot of $ so she was able to open at least a pool up!! It's AWESOME!! It has picnic tables and a food stand too!!( It's outside if you haven't noticed) And Vanna asked ME to be the lifeguard!! I don't want to have to do CPR or get my nails dirty.. but I am managing the slide area.. did I mention there was a slide? There is! Oh and last night Kirsten had her "Sweet 16 Birthday Bash"!! For a gift I got us front row seats(okay not really front row because we just sat on the couch). But we also went out and got ice cream.
I don't know if I've ever told you but I have 6 sisters! Yes it takes FOREVER to get in the bathroom.
There's Tiffany-age 18, Katie-age 16, Georgie-age 15, Josefina-age 15(also), Hally-age 14, Alexia-age 13, Analita-age 12, and me(the youngest) Shawn-age 11. There are ups and downs of being the youngest.
Up's: 1. I get spoiled.
2. I get the most allowance.
3. I get mostly anything.

Downs: 1. I get bossed around.
2. They treat me like a baby!
3. I'm always teased.
4. I get hand-me-downs.
But the good thing about hand-me-downs is I can make them my own style by adding scarves or glitter... but because I'm famous I get extra $ to buy my own clothes!! So then my SISTERS want my clothes.
What I like most about-Tiffany is: She's an awesome hair stylist/makeup artist!!!
Katie: She owns 4 horses that I can ride and care for.
Georgie: She's a rock star/singer so she has pretty cool clothes.
Josefina: She's sweet just like her desserts she bakes.
Hally: She's independent and she doesn't have a specific talent she has many!
Alexia: She taught me how to ice skate and she teaches me how to brave during hard times.
Analita: She loves anything musical.. be it: guitar, violin, flute, or even singing. She's our DJ!

There's a picture of Ana, Josefina, and Me at the Oscar's in HersheyWood on the sidebar.
And there's also another one of all the dolls in their Oscar dresses. Well at least most of the dolls.

EEEEeeeekkkkkkKKKK!!!! Tomorrow is the last day of Round 3! Then on the 13th it's Round 4! Round Four was the funnest to do! Mom made lots of cakes and decorations to make it look nice. She even did my hair nice. It was awesome.. it was like a photo shoot with my friends!!! We got to eat snacks and try on dresses to wear and then we got to get our shoes picked.(All in all it was awesome!!!) Shoes are EVERYTHING to a girl!! I love shopping!!! Two days ago we all went back-to-school shopping. Yes we do it really early because it saves $!! Plus at some shops you can do lay-away! Well back to shopping.. everyone picked out the clothes they wanted and Mom got them. I picked a pair of skinny jeans, a white cami, and a bright pink jacket. I'm going to wear all of those clothes with my silver heels the first day back to school. Mom always takes me shopping for clothes-it's awesome!! Wow this is a long post! Well I should go because the pool opens soon and I don't want to be late for my shift.. I'll post soon

Oh.. and I'm sorry there haven't been a lot of pictures on here.. something on this computer won't let any of us post pictures.

Well I have a question...... hey I know! Instead of asking you I'll make a poll on the sidebar.



Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yay! Here's our mom's award from American Girl Doll Central(look up)

Today is the first day of Round 3 for the Miss Simply AG Contest!!!!!! Please vote for Shawn!!!

Shawn :D

Isn't it awesome???