Friday, January 15, 2010

Here's Some Pictures!

PreviewThis is Josefina and Melody doing gymnastics.

PreviewThis is Nellie my friend, and Sonali my other friend.
PreviewHere's Josefina with her horse Tsunami.
Preview Here is one of my favorite pictures of Ana and Josefina with Jess and Alexis.
PreviewThis is our picture of all of the dolls ,before me, Vanna, Nat, Rebecca, or Chrissa came with some friends.
PreviewHere is all of our horses(from left to right) Candy, Lacey, Spirit,Tsunami, Eve, and Star the foal.

PreviewUs with Sonali, Melody, Sonali, and everyone else doing the cha-cha!!

PreviewHere's Kiersten before she got really sick with Molly.

PreviewThis is a really funny picture of all of us dancing! :)

PreviewKiersten and me went fishing a I got a picture of her :)
PreviewHere's a picture of one of my best friend's Georgie and Nellie.

PreviewThis is Alexia's favorite pictures. It's her and Nellie at a UNC game.

Preview Josefina and Nellie offered to help pick tomatoes, they went up really high!!

Putting all these pictures up on here made me think about the Lanie photo contest. Mom's entering in it, and we already have the pictures ready!

P.S. Has anyone entered the Valentine Giveaway?? Go down to my recent post to look at it.

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