Friday, May 14, 2010


Alona is here!!!She came last week and we welcomed her into HersheyWood. She's staying at Cool Breezes Hotel right now and she is really enjoying it she told me. She's staying an extra week because Aunt Emily shipped Ruthie as a traveling doll to visit MI, where Alona is from! So we get to have more fun with her :D We're going to take her out to eat, to go to movies, and fashion shows! I know we will all be sad when she leaves!!!! Does any dolls want to be traveling dolls and visit with us??????????????????????? We would love to have visitors... but we'd have to sort it out with Mom. E-mail me at if you want more information!

AGDC is having their "Miss Simply AG" contest this year again.. and this year we're entering!!!! We have already done all the groups except for the Gala. We're doing that tomorrow! When she posts the contestants PLEASE vote for us!!! You don't have to if you like the other people's pictures but we'd really appreciate it!! We'd also appreciate it if you guys could please vote for us on AG Doll Gossip's Top 100 Doll Sites. Honestly I don't want to pressure you!!!! I'm sorry about being so mean and trying to make you.... I'll be posting soon...


P.S. I'm the one entering the contest!

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