Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Does Summer Mean to You??

This is a giveaway similar to Rose on "Roses are Read".

Rules: 1. Have a parent's permission!!!!
2. Send in a picture to if you know how to or post it on your blog-it should also include a couple sentences explaining what summer means to you-it could mean traveling, family time, a birthday, etc. It should also include an American Girl doll or two.

Judging: We will judge on the photo and the sentences -and the 2 people that win will both get a prize. For the photo we will judge on creativity(such as the setting...outfits...etc.)

Prize: We are not extremely rich so the 2 prizes will be : A Julie 3 pack puzzle kit, and Josefina paper doll kit.

Deadline: April 15, 2010. That gives you TWO WEEKS to get everything ready such as the outfits you'll use, the setting, the dolls....

If we have any problems I'll let you guys know! If you have any questions or problems then comment below or e-mail us!!

Shawn, Ana, Josefina, and Alexia.


  1. I will try to enter!! Those prizes are awesome! :)


  2. Thanks!!!! My first person!! Please spread the word (on your blog if possible).

  3. I don't know if it'll work but I cant do the picture part... :( But I'll do the rest


  4. THANKS for entering Jordan!!!! But since no one else entered it wouldn't be fair.... :D