Friday, February 5, 2010

My Party Day!!

Today is finally the day of my party!! I've got all my plans ready, my outfit ready, and all the food ready!! I'm also very excited about The Doll Wardrobe contest!! They announce the winner in 2 days!! In 2 days I might have a new sister!! I really want Lanie because she looks kinda like me do you guys think??

I know that our eyes are different and our skin tones, but Mom says that our hair looks alike. Mom really wants to win the Lanie and if we win I'll be so happy!!!! Now back to the party we are going to: Have a Ice Skating competition, snacks, crafts, a movie, and...... the beauty pageant!! Miss Valentine will be announced on Wednesday by Ana. We've decided that we're going to make the pictures we take at my party later today will be our entry for the "Our Dolls Photo Contest" If anyone wants to enter it you still have 5 more days to enter!! Hurry!!

I've got to go make sure everything is ready for the party again, because the HersheyWood news is coming to see who Miss Valentine will be. I'll see if I can get the video of the party, but does anyone know how to put videos on here? We are still a little new to all this technology.

Tomorrow we're going to our friend's house for her AG party, you can dress up as your favorite AG character so I'm going as Julie. I have a awesome 70's outfit that is a combination of flowers, tye-dye, and bright colors.


P.S. There are two contests you can still enter:
The Valentine Contest
and the Ice Skating Contest!
There are some rumors that there will be 2 new historical characters if you want to see the info go to

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