Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Dreaming today.......

I am SO FREAKING OUT!!!!!!! Today is the first day of the "Miss Simply AG" contest!!!!!!!!! My future rests in your hand! I have been dreaming... about if I win... my family cheering... roses being thrown at my feet...I could be Miss Simply AG 2010!!!!!!!! OK so I am so nervous that I'm dreaming that!!!! I have got to stay calm... this is only the first round. My mom always said I was destined to be a model and I believe it! I love fashion, I know how to use makeup....and...well I'm not really tall :D I just love to dress up and shine in the spotlight. I guess that's why I've been such a drama queen lately. (That's what Ana says! :~) ) It's just that I'm SO SO SO NERVOUS! I've tried yoga..a cold bath(yes I like cold not warm :D ).... drinking tea but none of it seems to work!! This is my first year modeling for a real magazine! If I win this could be the start to my modeling career! If I win then I could get in the Simply AG magazine that is read by lots of people! But this is only the FIRST day of the FIRST round. I have plenty more time to relax! I can start thinking about the beach! This year I'm going unless Mom gets another doll. Here are some pictures of (maybe) our future sisters(who might go unless Mom gets her before August):

Mom doesn't know ig we get her what we'll name her...

If Mom got her she's probably name her Ellianna.

Mom wants to name her Piper or Riley.
This doll is the one Mom always wanted to look like: Tan skin, green eyes, and curly brown hair. Mom LOVES curly hair!!!!!! She's always wanted it for her hair naturally!

All the dolls are beautiful but which one should she get?? I like #1 and #3 but any other sister would be fine!

Have any of you followers or other dolls entered the Miss Simply AG contest?? How can I calm down??

Shawn( Because green is for luck!)

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  1. Just click the thing below where it says"Shawn because green is for luck" and it should take you to the Miss Simply AG website. THANKS(from) SHAWN!