Friday, March 19, 2010

We have a new....

Guess what? Last night we opened a new movie theater!! It was awesome with the concessions, tickets, and the set-up was great :) They are going to be playing all types of movies and they will dress up too!! Say if it were a western movie they would dress Western, and so on for every movie ! I'll try and ask mom if she can let me go to the movies again tonight to take pictures with my camera. Yesterday we went to the park for a walk and we got some great pictures that we might enter into the "Roses are Read" Spring contest. We might but we are very busy!! Mom is going to a conference tonight for girls, and we're staying home. Did everyone wear green for St. Patrick;s Day?? We did! Because we went outside and we had a St. Patrick's Day parade! Aunt Emily even took pictures of us in the audience and in the floats-we'll try and update them as soon as we can. Well I will at least not we. I am the one that is good with computers, and I was thinking I might get a mew computer-maybe the one in Lanie's accessories. Check the sidebar for a new poll!! I just looked and we now have 16 followers!!!!!!! SIXTEEN!! The same number as all the dolls living in our house!!! Thanks so much to all our followers for following our blog!(That's a lot of F's!!) We're so glad people enjoy reading about us, our lives, and the things we do!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! We'll continue to update as often as we can-


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  1. That theatre sounds like fun! We don't have one in Star Valley. We have a General Store; Appleblossom Finery which is a small shop my friend, Jess, and I run; a salon; and the Merriman's are looking to open up a cafe but since they own the General Store, they'd need someone to buy it (Ms. Merriman also runs the salon part-time and is the 4th grade teacher at the public school!) We also have Camp Whispering Pines nearby. I hope to go there this summer!
    ~Kirsten Larson of Star Valley

    (ps. my owner, Melissa, is on the Our Dolls board).