Monday, September 28, 2009

Today a...... Contest!!!!! and a question

Hey it's me Shawn again- my sisters wanted me to give away some stuff. So here's a contest :0) The only rules are- #1 Only enter once, #2- DO NOT!! look at the American Girl site,books,etc. to find the answers & #3 Have FUN! If you win you will need to e-mail me your address. Here it is-

#1- What American Girl doll is it that has 3 adopted sisters?
#2- What is the name of one of the American Girl doll's friend who's name is in this song-"Poison ---"?
#3- What American Girl doll's initials are R-R?
#4- Which American Girl doll lived in 1944?
#5- What are the names of Josefina Montoya's cousins?
#6- What are the names of Felicity's horse & foal?
#7- Which American Girl doll's house caught on fire, and burned?
#8- Which American Girl doll has a brother who's in the war?
#9- What is the date that Addy Walker chose for her birthday?
& #10- What did Aunt Cornelia & Uncle Gard name their baby boy?
Good luck on these questions!
The prize for the winner is - You'll win a MacBook for your doll(not a real one) of any color, and... a iPod of any color(both NOT real!) PLEASE spread the word about our contest!!! (Only for American residents, not out of the U.S. please) Now for the question- Does anyone know of a place where I can find American Girl doll sized medieval outfits??? I really need to find some for balls we have here in HersheyWood, and.. because one person in my family(One of the new dolls we want to adopt) will be going to Medieval Times next year at the beach. I need help!!! Thanks,
P.S. I have to go to school now- because I teach P.E. at the local middle school-Lakeridge Middle School.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm Ana!

Hey! I'm the last person to meet you but, I love letting people know about my life. I'm Analita Machiah Rosalinda Clara Montoya. I know it's a long name, but..I didn't choose my name:0) I love playing instruments-like piano, guitar, & violin. Someday I hope to have a orchestra, and perform all over America. I also love helping my twin sister Josefina cook for the other dolls here in HersheyWood. I also love designing musical outfits for my recitals. Like adding "notes" all over my tights and shirts. And I always love giving music recitals at Christmas Time. Here in HersheyWood we always have a huge celebration Christmas day. We sleep by the Christmas tree, and the night before we put the gifts under the tree, and in everyone else's stockings. Then Christmas Day we do the Christmas play, open gifts, and EAT! We love Christmas! At Thanksgiving we do the Thanksgiving play too, and dress up as Indians & Pilgrims. Here in HersheyWood holidays are a BIG BIG BIG thing!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I have to go to bed now but I'll come back on here soon :0)

P.S. I also like to help Josefina cook sometimes, and help Isabella work at her shop, which I'll

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's up?

Hello, I'm Alexia Kate Manning. I have 3 sisters Ana, Josefina, and Shawn, which you've talked to two of them already. ;0) I was adopted by my family(ana, josefina, and shawn)when I was 9. My original foster father Paytin Maning (not the real Peyton Manning, but just a football player on a team)played a lot of football and I got into football a lot.When I was found a family, then I moved to HersheyWood and instantly loved my new sisters. I still watch his games a lot because he plays on the Texas Rangers. I watch his games on my e-mails cause he sends them to me, not on TV, he's not THAT big of a star yet, but... Anyway I am a HUGE UNC Tar Heels fan!!!! Once I even went to a UNC football game, and saw the UNC basketball team! And Josefina was my cheerleading coach when I did cheerleading last year. I also tried out ice skating last year and loved it! I was a professional figure skater, till I got sick. See, I have a disease that makes my arms and legs really loose and sore. So I'm unable t odo sports without getting hurt. When I went to Altlanta, Georgia in July, I went with my bff Nellie. She helps me a lot when I hurt. :0) Well anyway while we were there I got a wheelchair, now it's so much easier to get around! While we were there we also got my sister Shawn. We went to the Caf'e, and ate great food! We took some pictures which I'll try to get on here soon, but my camera has low batteries! Well I'll try to come on here has often as I can :0)

P.S. I'll tell Ana to come on here tomorrow- she's already asleep :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm New Here!

Hey! My name is Josefina, I love letting people know about what I do here in HersheyWood. (That's our town name) First I'll let you know a little about the history of our town. The reason our town name is called HersheyWood is because the person that founded our town in 2003, was named after one of our resident's(Kiersten's) father-Andres Hershey. He had his own chocolate buisness, that was a big hit. And he was also a carpenter so when he founded the town, he thought of things he loved the most- his Hershey chocolates, and being a carpenter(wood) he called the town HersheyWood. Well enough about the history about the town then, even now we still have good chocolates! Now about me- I'm Mari'a Josefina Montoya. I have a twin sister Ana which you'll meet later :0) I love to cook and am planning on opening a bakery with Kiersten Larson soon. I'm also a curendra and love to help the sick with herbs. Along with helping my sister Alexia, which you'll meet sometime! :0) Thanks for visiting my sister's and mine blog!

P.S. I also love cooking Mexican food for my family & friend's. :0)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hello! I'm Shawn, and me and my 3(American Girl) sisters: Alexia, Josefina, and Ana ,will be updating our lives here on this blog. First you may want to learn a little about me- My full name is Shawn Machel Johnson. I love gymnastics, swimming, and mostly all sports! Movies are another thing I like! I am a famous gymnast and have gone to the Olympics once, and have won lots of trophies, and medals, including a gold! I'm 11 years old, and my birthday is January 19, 1998. Some of my favorite people to hang out with are my BFF's- Melody & Sonali who are from Canada, my sisters, and all my friend's in my town! Please spread the word of this blog to people, because we want to make lots of other AG dolls! I'll tell my sisters to come on here soon and talk to you.