Saturday, January 30, 2010

Question of the week winner!

The Question for this week is: " What do you want the GOTY for 2011 to be like?? A dance-lover like Marisol? An ocean-lover like Kailey? What do you think, let us know!!! The winner of the Question of last week is: Hannah!!! Since she was the ONLY one to enter she wins an extra special prize..(drumroll please!)................... Hannah wins:
1. A home-made sewn dress of any pattern of the following:
Snowflake or
2. and an iPod for dolls.
Hannah, comment on what pattern you want, and what color for your iPod.


Snow Day!!

Yes finally we have snow here in North Carolina!!! We got all dressed up to go out and we went sledding, had hot cocoa and I'm sorry but alas Mom's camera was on low battery so we couldn't take pictures :( But I hope maybe the snow will still be there and we can go out again. We're getting ready to enter in Our Dolls Photo Contest, for you that don't know if you go to then you can enter in their Valentine Photo Contest. We're going to be busy getting all the outfits, props, and everything ready... and there's also my Valentine Party coming up, and at Chick-fil-a on the 9 th they are having a AG doll party, and our friend is having a AG birthday party.. so many things to do!!!! We also have some birthdays coming up for some of our friends... what a busy life!! It's a lot of fun though. I've got to go work on my ice skating skills on the ice :)


Friday, January 22, 2010

Question of the Week!

Here's the question of the week: What is the most greatest thing about Chrissa that you liked?/ Was it that she stood up to the bullies, that she helped Gwen, what?? We want to know and your votes will count! The person that I choose will receive a prize from Vanna White, and something else special. Comment your answers, and we'll let you know who won next Friday. Get ready for next week's fun question!!


Modeling Pictures

Hey guess what??? Shawn got a job! She works as a model for American Girl so she wanted me to put some pictures on here of her modeling. Well now to the pictures..
Isn't that so pinky??? It's her favorite color!She doesn't ever really play softball but she liked the hat.

That was Shawn with her best friend Melanie that flew in from Iowa.Shawn rarely hikes so I'm surprised she modeled that outfit.

This one was her favorite because she truly is one... that made me crack up!! But Mom's thinking about getting this outfit for us. What do you guys think?? Was she a good model?? I think she might change her career to a model now she loves it so much! They gave me, Josefina, and Ana a chance to model an outfit so here are some pictures of us:

Me(Alexia) with the hat on.
For this photo Melody came to model the other outfit with me except she cut her hair. Now here's Ana's photo:

Ana loved this photo because Josefina did her hair really pretty with lots of ribbons.

I don't know if you think they look alike or not there's just something that makes them look so I don't know kinda different for twins. Well now we have another contest for you since I was so inspired by these pictures. Here are the rules:
1. Have a parent's permission
2. Say your name or nickname
3. No photo-shopping, and
4. I want creativity!

The theme for this contest is: Ice Skating.
I want your best ice skating outfits, background, and I want people to enter this contest! Because
NO ONE has entered the Valentine giveaway!!!!!! Be creative with this contest!!

Your prize will be:................... You know what I'm going to wait till people enter to tell it- but here's a clue- (It is really good!) That's your clue so start entering!!!!


Skate on!!
Vanna modeled this for me because she loves to ice skate with me sometimes.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Idol and Vanna

Last night I watched American Idol, it was great because I got to go to the Ice Cream Parlor before we left in the limo, the ice cream was good and so was American Idol, there were some good singer and some bad. I wish I could sing like some of those people, well I thought we would tell you a little about our future careers:
Ana- She doesn't really know but here are some: Fashion Designer, Talk Show Host,
Josefina- Chef,
Alexia- Ice Skater, Photographer
Me(Shawn)- Gymnast, Actress, TV show host,

Vanna one of my bestest friends took me to American Idol, and before we went there or to the Ice Cream Parlor she took me to see her mom. It was great to meet Mrs. White and she said we could come to the show sometimes. Well I've noticed no-one entered the contest!!! ;( Please enter!


P.S. I think I might have some more ice cream tonight!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Here's Some Pictures!

PreviewThis is Josefina and Melody doing gymnastics.

PreviewThis is Nellie my friend, and Sonali my other friend.
PreviewHere's Josefina with her horse Tsunami.
Preview Here is one of my favorite pictures of Ana and Josefina with Jess and Alexis.
PreviewThis is our picture of all of the dolls ,before me, Vanna, Nat, Rebecca, or Chrissa came with some friends.
PreviewHere is all of our horses(from left to right) Candy, Lacey, Spirit,Tsunami, Eve, and Star the foal.

PreviewUs with Sonali, Melody, Sonali, and everyone else doing the cha-cha!!

PreviewHere's Kiersten before she got really sick with Molly.

PreviewThis is a really funny picture of all of us dancing! :)

PreviewKiersten and me went fishing a I got a picture of her :)
PreviewHere's a picture of one of my best friend's Georgie and Nellie.

PreviewThis is Alexia's favorite pictures. It's her and Nellie at a UNC game.

Preview Josefina and Nellie offered to help pick tomatoes, they went up really high!!

Putting all these pictures up on here made me think about the Lanie photo contest. Mom's entering in it, and we already have the pictures ready!

P.S. Has anyone entered the Valentine Giveaway?? Go down to my recent post to look at it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Dolls thing

Look it has Ana in it! She did the feedback and they posted it!!

Shawn's Valentine Party and A.......

Well in the past few days Shawn has been really busy! She has planned out everything for her Valentine Party on the 5th of Feb. She thinks the invitations are the best thing but the most exciting thing on her list is the judges will be doing: Queen Valentine of 2010! They are going to be choosing the Valentine Queen who is the most beautiful, smart, etc. (If you want to enter a contest go to the sidebar and American Girl in England will be doing a contest on Kirsten.) I can't wait because there's also going to be a funky costume contest- Cutest, Funniest, and most Valentine-y. I wonder who will win? Well there's also going to be food, crafts, a movie, and ice skating too! That's a lot!!!!!! Well I better start planning my outfit soon! And in honor of Shawn's party we are doing another GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Valentine giveaway! Here are the rules:
1. Have a parent's permission,
2. Say your name and that you would like to enter,
3. Say what you love(get it? love?haha) most about Lanie Holland the girl of 2010,
4. Say what you liked the most about Chrissa, Sonali, Gwen, and all them, and lastly
5. Say what kind of doll you would like them to come out with next year for the Girl Of The Year 2011. You don't have to send in a picture this time, because last time it didn't work...but we'll try and fix that.
It's that easy! And I'm guessing you want to know the prize? Well here they are:
1. A cute little heart plate and cup,
2. A Heart Basket you can make, and
3. A heart bracelet with a butterfly on it

I hope lots of people will enter! If you spread the word you get 2 chances to enter!!! So please e-mail my mom at: or comment if e-mail doesn't work. The contest ends on: Feb. 5th 2010. You have till then to enter and get the word out. Mom has decided we're going to get Lanie and Aunt Erynn is going to get Lanie's Camper and (all!!) the stuff that comes with it! We will have so much fun with her and since she likes plants she can help me find some for my recipes!! Mom has told Vanna(Aunt Erynn's doll) that she and Lanie can have their own podcast on here if we find out how to do it. Does anyone know? Go to the sidebar and look at American Girl Lover's Post: Great AG doll sites: Go visit them! There are some really good ones! Mom said that since summer is coming we might need new clothes from American Girl so we're going to see if they come out with new ones!!


P.S. Mom is going to a birthday party on Friday so we get to stay home and be with friends!! Any ideas on what to do?? I say watch American Idol now that it's back on! We all LOVE!!! that show!!!!! Oh wait.. it only comes on Tuesday's and Wednesday's :( Maybe we can watch a movie on our new TV. Did I mention that for Christmas we got a country-looking red TV!! It's awesome to play our new Wii on! We got a lot of stuff for Christmas that we haven't told you but Grandpa got mom, a Gymnastics game and a Nancy Drew game for her DS. The game that came with it(Style Savvy) is a great fashion game!! Got to go help mom pack for the party she's going to on Friday:)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone- 2010! WOW!! A new decade- I could go on like this for hours but I better tell you what my mom said she wanted me to share :) Well for Christmas I got the "Frosty Fun Outfit" from American Girl! The cute pink and white outfit with thermies that are so warm :) And furry boots!! At least I think it's called that. We also got the January/Febuary issue of American Girl! By the way I've changed my career! When I grow up I want to work at American Girl!! I just love the clothes maybe I could get some for free! Maybe?? Well last night we all stayed up to watch the ball drop in New York, and then we went straight to bed! We were SO tired!! Did anyone check American Girl's site last night? I love Lanie and all her stuff. My mom is thinking about getting her!! Yay a new sister! That brings me to my biggest news..................! When I went to my great-grandparents my Aunt Emily got Rebecca!! (I'm going to get tips on acting from her!) and my other aunt: Aunt Erynn got a doll too! (My mom didn't get a doll because she got a DS instead.) Well we took them to get signed in for school and they checked their DNA's and they found that my Aunt Erynn's doll( whom she named Alexandria Natalie) had a long-lost sister! Well we took Rebecca and Nat(that's what she wants us to call her) home and they settled in well... I called Alexia and Nat came to get something and I thought that she was Alexia. That's when it struck me!! Alexia and Alexandria were twins! Alexia was Nat's long-lost twin!! They went back to the school and tested their DNA's and it proved they are twins! When we got home it was 12:00 last night. A perfect ending before the beginning of a new year! Right now Nat is helping Alexia around in her wheelchair, and telling her stories of how she came from Scotland, and Alexia is telling Nat about ice skating and how she'll take her soon. Better go help Josefina cook dinner for them two terrific twin sisters of mine


P.S. Go to to listen to NafyCast, and listen to #10 and listen to the whole thing- I'm in it!!!!!!!!!!! I sent in a e-mail and they put in NafyCast! You should send in a letter and they might post it!! :) Happy New Year!