Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring has Started!!

Yes we can all tell that here in Hershey- Wood that Spring has begun! The warm air is so nice and Melody said that she's going to have a pool party for her birthday! That will give me a chance to try out my new swimsuit-hurray! Speaking of clothes Mom has decided that she's going to start a Doll Modeling Camp. Of course we will be models but if you guys want to be in our Modeling Camp then you can e-mail us at: We know that you won't want to ship yourselves here to model clothes (hehe) so you can just send us your best modeling pictures and we'll post them on here. Some other things:
* We need ideas for the Modeling Camp name-we want it to have to do with personality, clothes, or just any ideas that you can give!!
* We need you guys to vote on the poll that says" Who do you want to post...." We really need to know what you guys want
* Another thing is if you want all the info about the Modeling Camp then e-mail us we'd love to hear from you :->
* Here's a sample of the info. you need to send in to enlist for camp:
Name: Shawn Machel Montoya
Birthdate: 8-25-98
Hobbies: Gymnastics, fashion, TV, shopping...
Do you have experience?: Yes-I shop :)

And maybe some other questions.. but what we're looking for is fashionitas, girls with style and attitude, and girls that are willing to show off styles!!!! Please spread the word about this camp and tell all your friends to please e-mail us!!!



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