Wednesday, April 21, 2010


WHAT??? We now have 19 followers!!!!! Thanks SO MUCH for visiting our blog and liking it!!!!!! :D Well I have a favor to ask.... Could you guys PLEASE go to to their Top Doll Sites and please vote for us!!!!!! It would mean so much to us!!!!!!!!!! On their podcast which you can listen to on iTunes- we're mentioned!!! Just listen and then it should say from Alexia, Josefina, Shawn, and Ana. Then they mentioned our blog!!!! Thanks so much for liking our blog!!! Last night we got a new movie! I don't remember the name but it's good!!! And..... we won American Girl Doll Central's contest!! Finally we've won a contest :D DO any of you know how to do banners on blogs?? We need help on that... :) Auntie Erynn has been very busy with practicing for the play!! Tonight she has to stay and practice until midnight!! Maybe whil she is gone we can invite Natalie, Nellie and the whole gang!


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