Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Idol and Vanna

Last night I watched American Idol, it was great because I got to go to the Ice Cream Parlor before we left in the limo, the ice cream was good and so was American Idol, there were some good singer and some bad. I wish I could sing like some of those people, well I thought we would tell you a little about our future careers:
Ana- She doesn't really know but here are some: Fashion Designer, Talk Show Host,
Josefina- Chef,
Alexia- Ice Skater, Photographer
Me(Shawn)- Gymnast, Actress, TV show host,

Vanna one of my bestest friends took me to American Idol, and before we went there or to the Ice Cream Parlor she took me to see her mom. It was great to meet Mrs. White and she said we could come to the show sometimes. Well I've noticed no-one entered the contest!!! ;( Please enter!


P.S. I think I might have some more ice cream tonight!!

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