Friday, March 5, 2010

Lost-and-found pictures!!

Here are some of the pictures that I just found of us:

PreviewThis is Alexis, Isabella, and me

PreviewI don't know if we have already showed you this but it was a lot of fun getting dressed up in these clothes.
PreviewKiersten set up a photo shoot last year and this is what Josefina dressed up as(an Indian)

By the way tonight we are having Family Night with our friends! (because we are not related to Nellie, Alexis, Savannah, Natalie(well we are partly), and Molly, or Ruthie, Rebecca, Kiersten, Isabella, or Chrissa then it would be boring doing it tp each other-just the four of us) We're going to watch Full House, eat ice cream, and do a quiz about how well we know each other. It should be a lot of fun :)

P.S. Mom signed Alexia up for Pottery Class so once she goes and makes something we'll show you or tell you what she made. AND ALSO PLEASE VOTE ON THE POLL ON THE SIDEBAR of who you think should post on here or all of us could switch off? You guys vote!!!


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  1. Thanks for commenting! I cannot believe you have a doll named SAVANNAH!!!!