Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone- 2010! WOW!! A new decade- I could go on like this for hours but I better tell you what my mom said she wanted me to share :) Well for Christmas I got the "Frosty Fun Outfit" from American Girl! The cute pink and white outfit with thermies that are so warm :) And furry boots!! At least I think it's called that. We also got the January/Febuary issue of American Girl! By the way I've changed my career! When I grow up I want to work at American Girl!! I just love the clothes maybe I could get some for free! Maybe?? Well last night we all stayed up to watch the ball drop in New York, and then we went straight to bed! We were SO tired!! Did anyone check American Girl's site last night? I love Lanie and all her stuff. My mom is thinking about getting her!! Yay a new sister! That brings me to my biggest news..................! When I went to my great-grandparents my Aunt Emily got Rebecca!! (I'm going to get tips on acting from her!) and my other aunt: Aunt Erynn got a doll too! (My mom didn't get a doll because she got a DS instead.) Well we took them to get signed in for school and they checked their DNA's and they found that my Aunt Erynn's doll( whom she named Alexandria Natalie) had a long-lost sister! Well we took Rebecca and Nat(that's what she wants us to call her) home and they settled in well... I called Alexia and Nat came to get something and I thought that she was Alexia. That's when it struck me!! Alexia and Alexandria were twins! Alexia was Nat's long-lost twin!! They went back to the school and tested their DNA's and it proved they are twins! When we got home it was 12:00 last night. A perfect ending before the beginning of a new year! Right now Nat is helping Alexia around in her wheelchair, and telling her stories of how she came from Scotland, and Alexia is telling Nat about ice skating and how she'll take her soon. Better go help Josefina cook dinner for them two terrific twin sisters of mine


P.S. Go to to listen to NafyCast, and listen to #10 and listen to the whole thing- I'm in it!!!!!!!!!!! I sent in a e-mail and they put in NafyCast! You should send in a letter and they might post it!! :) Happy New Year!


  1. Wow you have a neat blog! Thnks for following my blog! I'm following yours now too!

  2. Sounds fun, cute background! The Frosty Fun Outfit is adorable, so is Lanie!