Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's up?

Hello, I'm Alexia Kate Manning. I have 3 sisters Ana, Josefina, and Shawn, which you've talked to two of them already. ;0) I was adopted by my family(ana, josefina, and shawn)when I was 9. My original foster father Paytin Maning (not the real Peyton Manning, but just a football player on a team)played a lot of football and I got into football a lot.When I was found a family, then I moved to HersheyWood and instantly loved my new sisters. I still watch his games a lot because he plays on the Texas Rangers. I watch his games on my e-mails cause he sends them to me, not on TV, he's not THAT big of a star yet, but... Anyway I am a HUGE UNC Tar Heels fan!!!! Once I even went to a UNC football game, and saw the UNC basketball team! And Josefina was my cheerleading coach when I did cheerleading last year. I also tried out ice skating last year and loved it! I was a professional figure skater, till I got sick. See, I have a disease that makes my arms and legs really loose and sore. So I'm unable t odo sports without getting hurt. When I went to Altlanta, Georgia in July, I went with my bff Nellie. She helps me a lot when I hurt. :0) Well anyway while we were there I got a wheelchair, now it's so much easier to get around! While we were there we also got my sister Shawn. We went to the Caf'e, and ate great food! We took some pictures which I'll try to get on here soon, but my camera has low batteries! Well I'll try to come on here has often as I can :0)

P.S. I'll tell Ana to come on here tomorrow- she's already asleep :)

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