Monday, September 28, 2009

Today a...... Contest!!!!! and a question

Hey it's me Shawn again- my sisters wanted me to give away some stuff. So here's a contest :0) The only rules are- #1 Only enter once, #2- DO NOT!! look at the American Girl site,books,etc. to find the answers & #3 Have FUN! If you win you will need to e-mail me your address. Here it is-

#1- What American Girl doll is it that has 3 adopted sisters?
#2- What is the name of one of the American Girl doll's friend who's name is in this song-"Poison ---"?
#3- What American Girl doll's initials are R-R?
#4- Which American Girl doll lived in 1944?
#5- What are the names of Josefina Montoya's cousins?
#6- What are the names of Felicity's horse & foal?
#7- Which American Girl doll's house caught on fire, and burned?
#8- Which American Girl doll has a brother who's in the war?
#9- What is the date that Addy Walker chose for her birthday?
& #10- What did Aunt Cornelia & Uncle Gard name their baby boy?
Good luck on these questions!
The prize for the winner is - You'll win a MacBook for your doll(not a real one) of any color, and... a iPod of any color(both NOT real!) PLEASE spread the word about our contest!!! (Only for American residents, not out of the U.S. please) Now for the question- Does anyone know of a place where I can find American Girl doll sized medieval outfits??? I really need to find some for balls we have here in HersheyWood, and.. because one person in my family(One of the new dolls we want to adopt) will be going to Medieval Times next year at the beach. I need help!!! Thanks,
P.S. I have to go to school now- because I teach P.E. at the local middle school-Lakeridge Middle School.

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  1. Hi! I know where you can get some good outfits. :) As to the questions, I don't want to enter (sorry!) but I know the answers to most of them! This is an awesome blog!