Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm New Here!

Hey! My name is Josefina, I love letting people know about what I do here in HersheyWood. (That's our town name) First I'll let you know a little about the history of our town. The reason our town name is called HersheyWood is because the person that founded our town in 2003, was named after one of our resident's(Kiersten's) father-Andres Hershey. He had his own chocolate buisness, that was a big hit. And he was also a carpenter so when he founded the town, he thought of things he loved the most- his Hershey chocolates, and being a carpenter(wood) he called the town HersheyWood. Well enough about the history about the town then, even now we still have good chocolates! Now about me- I'm Mari'a Josefina Montoya. I have a twin sister Ana which you'll meet later :0) I love to cook and am planning on opening a bakery with Kiersten Larson soon. I'm also a curendra and love to help the sick with herbs. Along with helping my sister Alexia, which you'll meet sometime! :0) Thanks for visiting my sister's and mine blog!

P.S. I also love cooking Mexican food for my family & friend's. :0)

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