Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Long post

Hey! I'm back it's me Alexia since I lasted posted I went to the pet store and bought a hamster named Issie, and a dog named Precious. They are so cute! Maybe mom will let me put some pictures of them on here soon. On the contests are so cool- I wish I could live in Pleasantville! Their town is awesome but I still love Hershey-Wood. #1 reason why: I love my school! #2- We put on a lot of plays(in fact my mom is directing the Christmas play!) and #3- My friends are THE BEST! But I have some sad sad news! My friends Melody and Sonali( who are from Canada, not my mom's dolls my mom's friend's dolls) Me and Sonali own the local news place and if she moves I'll miss her SO MUCH!! Anyone have advice on what to do??? Well the C-mas play isn't going great I don't know what play to do? Plus I have to go to the dentist tomorrow- so many problems! :0) Kiersten is doing well, and my legs are feeling good. Gotta go,


P.S. Next I'll talk about my new sisters to be! And stuff planned.

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