Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving early to everyone!!! In 2 hours we(Ana & Shawn) will be leaving to go to our friend's house for 4 days including Thanksgiving(our first with our mom and Alexia and Jo) We probably won't be able to post till December 1st because we'll be gone from home, while Jo and Alexia have to stay home and mind the house :( But once we get back everyone will have a BIG Thanksgiving holiday and we'll participate in the Thanksgiving play! :) We're both SO SAD that Kirsten is going into the archives:( But we hope to get Aunt Emily some of Kirsten's stuff maybe for Kirsten :) Some more good news is that Aunt Emily got all of us a blue Christmas tree with lights that actually light up!!! So cool!! We have to go pack for out trip now. :)

Ana and Shawn

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