Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Movie Time!

Hey it's me Alexia! Right now I'm watching the movie Annie! It's one of my favorites. While I'm here at the movie theater, Josefina, Shawn, and Ana are at home. The only way I got my computer in to the movies is I slipped under my shirt so Jo wouldn't notice. (he-he-he) Well the reason I like Annie is because through the hard times she sings to make her feel better, and that's what I like to do to when I'm in the hospital. Plus my favorite character is funny Ms. Hannigan :0) Well tonight I'm going to eat some yummy ice cream. Does anyone have some suggestions? I might eat just plain chocolate. Josefina's trying to save up some money because she's going to try to open a bakery with Kiersten Larson(who lives in our condo) soon. They are going to have some English, Mexican, and Sweedish foods, with some yummy cakes, cupcakes, and breads. Well I'm going to finish watching the movie now. Please leave us some comments :0)


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