Sunday, December 6, 2009


Hey I decided that I was bored and that I wanted to do a contest giveaway!!!!!! So here are the rules: #1- Have fun! and #2- Only enter once! What you have to do is send me a picture of your dolls ( they don't have to be American Girl dolls) doing something that you like about winter. It could be drinking hot cocoa by the fire, having a snowball fight, or anything!!!!
~All entries must be sent by e-mail to me by December 14th , and I will pick the winner December 15th(the next day) Your prize will be:
* 2 doll sized ornaments
* a doll sized journal (to record your doll's winter memories) and
* A Christmas Card from all my dolls wishing you Happy Holidays!!1
Have fun with this! And please spread the word!


P.S. Melody and Sonali came over and we had a great time! And we already packed our clothes for when we travel after Christmas, plus we've got our tree up!!


  1. What's your e-mail so I can send my pic to you?

  2. My e-mail to people who are entering here it is:

  3. Jerica, I need your photo soon!

  4. Ok I sent it to you a few days ago I tried again today.Hopefully it works! Check your junk mail it might of went there.

  5. It's not there you might have to try again.